Special offers

Here at RFF we are always trying to work out ways to help our customers make their move easier.  With this in mind, we have created some great special offers for you and your family.

When friends ask you to help them move, it is an uncomfortable moment.  You feel obliged and you can’t say “no” because you know how stressful moving is.  But the last thing you really want to do is lug furniture and boxes around.  Now you can say “no” to being roped in as free labour on moving day and still be the most helpful friend in the world, with an RFF Gift Voucher.

Moving is always a strain on the cash flow.  So many expenses all come at once – bonds, electricity, repairs and carpet cleaning… The list goes on.   If you know you are going to be moving at any time in the future, why not Lay-by your move with RFF.  Plan ahead and smooth out the cash flow.

We also have some great offers on boxes and our very special moving survival kits. Call us on  1300 795 526     02 4358 1983      0417 295 909 to find out more about all of our special offers or click on the links below...

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